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Canning College was established by the Education Department of Western Australia in 1982 to provide a re-entry for adults to return to education at a Year 12 level. Since then, Canning College has established an enviable reputation for providing excellent educational opportunities and services for people hoping to re-enter general education, often with the view of qualifying for tertiary studies.

The success of Canning College's students over the past 20 plus years can be linked to the enthusiasm, patience, expertise and experience of the lecturers. There are also special support programs which help students, who are returning to formal education, cope with the demands of study.

Important dates in the History of Canning College:


Commencement of Mid Year Foundation Program for Domestic and International students.

Completion of first Independent Public School Review.


Canning College's was awarded a Top Public School Award from the Department of Education.


Canning College's first year of operating as an Independent Public School.


The Year 12 Stage 1 program was introduced for International students wanting to graduate high school and go into training rather than university pathway.
Canning College was amongst 30 public schools announced to be part of the first intake of Independent Public Schools, to start at the beginning of 2010.


First visit to Huaiyin High School in Huai'an City, China by the ESL Head, to teach the inaugural International Class. This was followed by ongoing online instruction twice a week to the class by a lecturer from the ESL Department.


A partnership between Canning College and Curtin University of Technology saw Curtin Enabling in Science and Engineering students commence classes in Mathematics, Chemistry and Physics on the Canning College campus. This expanded in 2009 to include a Health Science and Computer Science stream.


The Bridging to Year 12 program was designed to prepare students for Year 12 in one semester. This gave those students who believed they needed some background and opportunity to get ready for Year 12 in a shortened period of time.

The ESL Department was established in recognition of the large number of migrants arriving in Australia who needed assistance in their English studies.


Western Australian Universtities' Foundation Program was introduced as an alternative system from the TEE for International students to matriculate.


Four members of staff were hand picked to create the "Flying Start" program. This program offers adults with the opportunity to upgrade their skills and knowledge to gain entry into Year 12. This program has now expanded and offers adult students the opportunity to complete the Years 10, 11 and 12.


The Entry Course for Australian Academic Studies (ECAAS) program was introduced to better prepare International students to Year 12 level study. This program later became the Bridging 15 Week Program.


The first public high school to accept fee-paying international students.


Canning College established on the site previously used by Bentley SHS.