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There are a wide range of sporting, recreational and social events and activities provided throughout the College year. The Recreation and Events program aims to enhance academic studies by providing a balance between study and recreation. The program aims to reduce stress through sport, exercise and social activity.

There is a fully equipped gymnasium and recreation centre. The facility provides an indoor basketball court, 4 indoor badminton courts,  an indoor volleyball court and a futsul court. Students have the opportunity to use the courts informally for casual games or they can participate in organised competitions. We have in college basketball, futsul, Badminton and table tennis tournaments spread throughout the year. From these matches we choose teams to compete against other colleges. If we do not offer the sport you would like we can help you find a local club that will.

Social activities include:

  • River cruise / Dinner Dance
  • Lunchtime sporting and cultural events
  • Fundraising for charities
  • Ice skating