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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we have an April intake for the Year 12 courses.

It is possible to enrol for our shortcourses by filling in and submitting an online form. For all of our other courses we would like you to arrange a meeting with one of our Student Advisors to be sure you do the most appropriate subjects.

The College counsellor will work with you (and other staff where appropriate) to ensure your disability has a minimal impact on your study program.

The Student Services staff will do their utmost to give you a timetable to suit work or childcare commitments. However, rearranging your timetable may often be constrained by class numbers and/or limited subject offerings.

Yes. The Counsellor and Student Advisors have a wealth of experience in the various avenues into university, the courses offered at the different universities and the prerequisites needed.

In most subject areas there is a one hour class on Monday and two other classes during the week of one and three quarter hour duration. Block classes and night classes range from three to four hours in length.

Possibly. Enrolment will depend upon a number of factors such as: meeting the College's requirement regarding minimum age, successful completion of Year 11, appropriate subject offerings, etc. You will need to contact the College and arrange an appointment to speak with the Head of Student Services to discuss the enrolment. If you are under 18 then a parent must be present at the meeting.