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Visa Conditions

All enrolments at Canning College must comply with the Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC) regulations. Please check for current information. Canning College may issue written notice of enrolment changes so the the student remains compliant with any changes in government regulations.

Students enrolled at Canning College will have a student visa with one of the following subclasses:

571All bridging, Year 11 and WACE (Year 12) programs
572Diploma of Commerce programs
575Western Australian Universities Foundation Program (WAUFP)






  • Visas are usually issued for the period of the course. Students must leave Australia or apply for a new visa before the expiriation of the current visa.
  • International students are not permitted to study part-time except if they are already in Australia.
  • Canning College is required to report to DIAC any student in breach of visa requirements such as unsatisfactory attendance or academic progress.
  • Mandatory conditions apply to all student visas. Please checked for current information.
  • As of 26th April 2008, all student visas granted also include a work permit.
  • e-Visa letters must be copied for College records.