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Learning Centre

Provides on-going asistance for students in various subjects.

The Learning Centre is situated inside the College's modern library and is accessible by students between 8am - 6pm Monday to Thursday and 8am - 4pm Friday. Lecturers are available in the Learning Centre at various times to provide on-going assistance for students in the main subject areas of Mathematics, Science, English, ESL and ELACS. The informal atmosphere in the Learning Centre puts students at ease, providing the environment they need to take advantage of the free tuition provided by the College's experienced lecturers.

Courses on study skills and exam techniques are also offered throughout the College year. Many students, who are new to study or have been away from studying for an extended period of time, often find that they benefit from working together, solving problems and sharing ideas and techniques.

The Counsellor is available twice a week to offer career advice, study skills help and general advice. Bookings are not required.

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