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Canning College's Curtin University intern Eric on campus. Photo: Canning College

Curtin intern joins Canning team

5 May 2020

Canning College has appointed an intern who has travelled more than 7000km to complete a Master of Screen Arts at Curtin University.

Eric Rai, who is from the state of Sikkim in northeast India, will assist in the creation of digital content to promote Canning’s international programs.

Mr Rai, who arrived in Perth 14 months ago, was inspired to follow his passion by his self-educated grandfather, who wrote a short autobiography before his passing.

“I was not very close to him but during his last days I got to know about his earlier life and how he came to India as a child,” Mr Rai said. “He started off selling bamboo and wood to make ends meet and later went on to be the head of the village. After reading the four-page autobiography he had written, I was motivated to try to achieve something similar.”

Mr Rai completed a Bachelor of Journalism at Garden City University in southern India in 2018 before moving to Perth to study Screen Arts at Curtin University.

His aim is to work in film and media and he has a particular interest in documentary making.

“Five years from now I hope to be working in the industry,” he said. “I also hope to be working on a personal project documenting the lost history of the north-eastern part of India.”

Sikkim, which is bordered by Tibet, Nepal and Bhutan, is part of the Eastern Himalayas and is home to Kangchenjunga, India’s highest peak. This mountainous geography is in stark contrast to Mr Rai’s current surroundings.

“One thing that Perth and my state does have in common is that both the places are rather peaceful and quiet,” he said.