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Fab5 with Alan Genoni

Pictured: Principal Alan Genoni with Matthew, Geoffrey, Maelene, Christy and Chloe. Picture: Canning College

Fabulous Five

April 2, 2019

Five students have received letters of commendation from Principal Alan Genoni in acknowledgement of their outstanding academic progress during term one.

Matthew, who is from Hong Kong, Geoffrey, Chloe and Christy, from Malaysia, and Maelene, who is from Singapore, were ranked in Canning’s top five students this year.

Students are selected according to the results of their progress reports, which are made available to all students and parents eight weeks after the start of the school year.

Progress reports provide students and parents with an early indication of academic strength and also areas students may need to focus on in order to achieve their potential.

Mr Genoni urged all students to apply themselves to each task and wished them well as they continue on their pathways to university.