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Engineers Without Borders visit Canning College

30 March 2021

Members of the Curtin University chapter of Engineers without Borders engaged Canning College Year 11 students in an interesting real world challenge.

Anton, Andrew and Hanson, all engineering students at Curtin University, challenged students on campus and online to work together in designing, costing, planning, building and testing a prosthetic limb.

Canning students were first briefed on the real world problems that engineers have to solve in underdeveloped countries.

“We were so impressed with the enthusiasm from the students,” said Anton, who is the School Outreach Coordinator for the Curtin University chapter of Engineers without Borders.

“Working in tandem with the onshore and offshore students was a uniquely challenging and enjoyable experience for us.”

2021 Engineers without borders
Pictured above: Online students observe those in class as they work to build a prosthetic limb.

The effectiveness of the final product took into account the overall cost of the limb as well as the number of steps the students could take using the artificial limb.

Canning College Head of Science Tony Herbert said the task was more difficult than it looked.

“I was impressed by the students’ ability to complete the task in a cost-effective way and within the limited time that they were allowed,” he said.

Engineers without Borders is a community organisation that creates social value through engineering.

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