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Teacher awarded for online input

Canning College’s Head of Science has received a certificate of appreciation for his contribution to the Department of Education’s online learning materials.

Tony Herbert was one of a number of Western Australian teachers who provided their expertise which assisted in the development of online teaching resources for the Education Department’s Connected Learning Hub.

He was asked to provide assistance due to his teaching experience and extensive knowledge of Year 11 and Year 12 physics.

Tony Herbert Appreciation Award

Pictured above: Head of Science Tony Herbert (left) receives a Department of Education Certificate of Appreciation from Principal Wayne Axford. Picture: Canning College 

“What they wanted us to do was look for where the gaps were,” he said. “(And) what resources less experienced teachers needed so they could make working with remote students online as effective as possible.”

The Department of Education had been looking for ways to improve online learning and approached teachers to audit and improve the materials on the Connected Learning Hub.

“Basically (I was) producing a resource bank of programs, lesson notes, worksheets, solutions, audio-visual materials that a teacher, who was not very well resourced, would be able to use,” Mr Herbert said.

The materials and resources have been helping other teachers - some in remote areas - improve the online learning experience and make it more effective.

“It was a pleasure to work with them and if they require me to make any more of an input I am happy to do that,” he said.

Canning  Principal Wayne Axford presented the certificate to Mr Herbert at the start of Term 3.