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In 2019, Canning College faced a new challenge as it welcomed an international-only student cohort for the first time. Having been educating international students alongside locals since 1982, this was a change that required reflection and review of more than 30 years of successfully guiding students on their pathways to universities.

This year, with a renewed focus, Canning College increased the number of international students by 23%, the majority of whom will soon be starting their tertiary studies at universities in WA, across Australia and overseas.

We were delighted to have such an engaging, interesting and intelligent group of students whose appreciation for the assistance of Canning College staff was reflected in the 2019 student survey.

When asked to identify the best aspects of the College, students overwhelmingly chose “quality, experienced teachers” as key to their positive experience. Like all the best teachers, our staff are invested in the education of their students and naturally want them to achieve their goals.

But what sets apart our staff from most others, is their deep understanding of the specific needs of students of various international backgrounds. This comes from many years of experience; from listening to international students and responding to concerns, requests and suggestions. And, ultimately, by providing expert teaching and guidance that leads students to their intended university destinations.

While academic outcomes are critical to the success of any education provider, Canning prides itself on the exceptional level of additional support it provides students. The expertise of Canning staff in understanding the emotional needs of international students is critical to the College’s success. The adventure of travelling from an overseas destination to Perth to start on a pathway to university is invariably exciting and rewarding. In the initial stages at least, it can also be challenging for international students, who find themselves in a new place surrounded by new faces and exposed to new ideas. The ability of Canning staff to assist students during this transition was also reflected in the 2019 survey when “friendly, supportive staff” was considered by students to be the second best aspect of studying with us.

In 2020, Canning College will welcome new students, with new goals and ambitions. Our aim will be to provide the same level of high-quality teaching, exceptional support and successful academic outcomes that have not wavered since 1982.