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Change and innovation in challenging times

14 December 2020

By Wayne Axford, Principal

A year of change and innovation is coming to a close and another group of Canning College international students are ready for their transition into university. This is a great accomplishment given the unique circumstances in which it has been achieved.

It is also testament to the ability of students to stay on track with their studies despite the obvious distractions of COVID-19, as well as the flexibility and capabilities of our experienced teachers. Dedicated teaching staff ensured that Canning was one of the first institutions to introduce online learning that allowed offshore students to commence or continue their studies.

Our teachers have done a wonderful job mastering the technology and adjusting lessons to suit the new mode of delivery. It is very pleasing that students indicated in a recent survey that lessons were interactive and engaging. They also reported making strong connections with other students in the class.

Recent graduation events and the release of the WA Universities’ Foundation Program results have highlighted the strong achievements of our students in 2020. The quality teaching and high level of support provided throughout the year have ensured that students were able to achieve their potential despite the challenges.

Under normal circumstances, many students would now be heading home to be reunited with their family and friends. Instead, many have opted to remain in Perth over the summer break to avoid any potential disruption to their study plans in 2021 by border restrictions and quarantine rules.

2020_news_Michelle Rose online learningPictured above: Michelle Rose connects with students offshore and on campus during a Communications Studies lesson.

I know that it may not have been an easy decision but I’m sure those who stay in Perth will make the most of this great opportunity to explore our beautiful city and make new friends by participating in some of the activities and events that are on offer. Canning staff will also be available during the break to support students.

To those students who will be returning to us next year – either on campus or online – be safe, enjoy the holidays and we look forward to seeing you again. To those heading towards new challenges at universities, we wish you all the very best for your future studies and the pursuit of your career goals. Please keep in touch as you progress on your career journey.

Thank you to all students, parents, teachers and staff for the important role you have played during the challenges of 2020.

I wish you all the very best over the holidays and into 2021.