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Homestay provides students with a secure and family like environment. Students are encouraged to join in with the family and this can help to improve English skills. The family provides meals and assists with your everyday needs such as laundry and cleaning, allowing you more time to study. Homestay host families are selected by the College staff according to strict requirements. All homestay accommodation is located on convenenient bus routes with approximate travelling time of 20-30 minutes. Increasingly, homestay families are providing access to the Internet and some provide "wireless internet access".

Under a new Department of Education directive, ALL under 18 aged students at WA Government education institutions must use homestay services provided by Australian Homestay Network (AHN). The services can be accessed by students and education agents at The main reason for the change is the excellent insurance cover provided by AHN. The following links provide more information about AHN:


Recognising the importance of ensuring the safety and welfare of under 18 international students and their requirements in line with ESOS legislation, Australian Government Schools International (AGSI) have compiled the following AGSI Homestay Standards booklet.

Homestay Guidelines - a guide to homestay in Australia for International students.

The only alternative is to stay with a family member - direct blood relative over the age of 21 years. If the student is to stay with a family member, then the arrangement must be approved by Immigration. Please see