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Celebration for graduating students

Celebration for graduating students

The achievements of more than 130 Canning College students were recognised at a Graduation Ceremony  held at Mineral Resources Park Function Centre on Thursday, October 20.

Top award winners included Choo Ping Tee (WA Universities’ Foundation Program), Khin Mya Hmuu (Diploma of Commerce – UWA), So Cek Ki (Diploma of Commerce – Curtin) and Jeannie Kong Kee Ning (Certificate IV in University Access Program).

The Graduation Ceremony was a celebration of the hard work of international students who completed the WA Universities’ Foundation Program recently, as well as Diploma of Commerce and Certificate IV in University Access Program students, who completed at the end of last year or mid-year 2022.

Acting Principal Adelfo Sabatini encouraged students to pursue their own journey in life with vigour.

“As a graduate of Canning College, you go out into world armed with the necessary skills and knowledge to be able to select your own path and make a go of it,” he said. “Find joy in your journey and take chances… we wish you well in your journey.”

Mr Sabatini also thanked students, teachers, staff and Board members for their contribution to the ongoing success of Canning College.

Excitement on campus

Director of International Operations Lisa De’Ceglie said 2022 would be remembered as a year in which an increasing number of students physically returned to Canning College after so many had studied online during border closures.

“Every week since the border opened, we have had students – both past and current – coming into Student Services, which has resulted in a lot of excitement,” she said.

“We continue to hear from students who have completed full programs online without having ever come to Canning College, but they promise they will visit when they come to Perth. We will definitely hold them to that and hope that they know they are always welcome to visit Canning College.”

Valedictory speeches from Fantasia Wong (Diploma of Commerce) and Demetra Tang (WA Universities’ Foundation Program) and musical performances from Xavier Tan, Emily Teh, Tiffany Tan and Shawn Lee were among the highlights of the evening.

The contribution of Student Ambassadors Azman Amalia Binti and Scotty Maw Minn Khant, as well as Student Representative on the Board Zyra Thant Phyu Phyu Shinn, were also acknowledged.

Students can view and purchase official photographs through Photo Hendriks here.

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Award winners


WA Universities’ Foundation Program

Doug Russell Award (Dux) – Choo Ping Ting (Selangor, Malaysia)

Principal’s Commendation – Kyaw Khant Soe (Yangon, Myanmar)

Principal’s Commendation – Choong Zheng Wei (Ipoh, Malaysia)

Principal’s Commendation – Young Wai Ting (Hong Kong)

Subject Awards

Accounting and Finance – Hartono Fiorina Alexandra (Pekanbaru, Indonesia)

Business Management and Enterprise – Hartono Fiorina Alexandra (Pekanbaru, Indonesia)

Chemistry – Choo Ping Ting (Selangor, Malaysia)

Computer Science – Kyaw Khant Soe (Yangon, Myanmar)

Economics – Takano Yuzuki (Hyogo, Japan)

English Language and Australian Cultural Studies – Choo Ping Ting (Selangor, Malaysia)

Human Biology – Choo Ping Ting (Selangor, Malaysia)

Mathematics Applications – Hartono Fiorina Alexandra (Pekanbaru, Indonesia)

Mathematics Methods – Choo Ping Ting (Selangor, Malaysia)

Mathematics Specialist – Ng Sky Tian Bao (Singapore)

Physics – Choong Zheng Wei (Ipoh, Malaysia)

Psychology – Young Wai Ting (Hong Kong)

Certificate IV in University Access Program

Canning College Advisory Board Top Student – Kong Jeannie Kee Ning (Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia)

Diploma of Commerce (University of Western Australia stream)

UWA Scholarship Awards (December 2021) – Lau Phey Xuen (Sungai Petani, Malaysia) and  Sheng Siyan (Hefei, China)

Subject Awards

Financial Accounting (December 2021) – Lau Phey Xuen (Sungai Petani, Malaysia)

Communication Studies (December 2021) – Lau Phey Xuen (Sungai Petani, Malaysia)

Introduction to Finance (December 2021) – Mohd Ferdus Siti Quratu Ain (Johor, Malaysia)

UWA Scholarship (June 2022) – Khin Mya Hmuu (Yangon, Myanmar)

Financial Accounting (June 2022) – Khin Mya Hmuu (Yangon, Myanmar)

Communication Studies (June 2022) – Khin Mya Hmuu (Yangon, Myanmar)

Introduction to Finance (June 2022) – Khin Mya Hmuu (Yangon, Myanmar)

Ron Goddard UWA stream – Khin Mya Hmuu (Yangon, Myanmar)

Diploma of Commerce (Curtin University stream)

Curtin Scholarship (December 2021) – Kerai Khushbu Dipakkumar (Nairobi, Kenya)

Curtin Scholarship (December 2021) – Badreg Siham Mohammed Hassen (Addis Ababa, Ethiopia)

Curtin Scholarship (June 2022) – So Cek Ki (Selangor, Malaysia)

Ron Goddard Curtin stream – So Cek Ki (Selangor, Malaysia)

Celebration for graduating students