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College Facilities

A focus on success

We know that a positive environment is key to academic success.

Canning College’s modern on-campus facilities are designed to enhance student learning. With rooms to study, play, socialise, and more, Canning College is a place for education, relaxation, and recreation. Classrooms and laboratories are equipped with leading technology and equipment for informative, engaging lessons.

An inspiring campus


Students can purchase a variety of food items, which are freshly prepared daily, from the College Cafeteria. Students can also bring their own lunch from local shops and use the College refrigerators and microwave ovens, also in the cafeteria, to store and heat their food. This service may be restricted, depending on the number of onshore students. 

Computing Centre

The Computing Centre provides dedicated computer lab space for teaching and learning. The centre has six computing laboratories and an online access area for use by students between classes. A wide range of online learning resources have been developed for students to use both on and off campus.


The Canning College Library is a quiet, relaxed environment where you can study and relax. The Library includes areas for quiet independent study, group and tutorial work, and a reading lounge for relaxation. The Library contains two computer labs for online learning and a seminar room. Library resources can be accessed from any computer on the College intranet and remote access is available through the student portal.

The collection includes fiction and non-fiction books, newspapers, periodicals and DVDs. Computers are also available for access to various online databases, the internet, email and other software.

Learning Centre

The Learning Centre is situated inside the College Library and is accessible by students during school hours. Teachers are available in the Learning Centre at various times to provide ongoing assistance for students in academic subject areas. Courses on study skills and exam techniques are also offered throughout the year in our Learning Centre.

The informal atmosphere in the Learning Centre puts students at ease, providing the environment they need to take advantage of the free tuition provided by the College’s experienced teachers.

Literacy Support

The Literacy Support Centre is located in the Library and is available for students to access throughout the day, including lunchtimes. This centre provides a warm, inviting environment where students can access specialised English language support. Students are able to make either individual or small group appointments with the College’s Literacy Support teacher. They can ask for extra help with their assessment tasks, or they can work through individual literacy programs which cater to their specific needs.

Workshops on Academic English Skills are held in this centre throughout the year. These workshops deliver valuable information on effective writing, reading, speaking and listening strategies. English Club also runs in the Literacy Support Centre twice a week for Years 10 and 11 students.

Recreation Centre

Students have access to a fully equipped Gymnasium with rowing machines, exercise bikes, weight machines and other equipment, as well as a Recreation Centre where several sporting activities take place, including badminton, volleyball, basketball, football and table tennis. This service may be restricted, depending on the number of onshore students.

Music Room

Students can access a variety of musical instruments in the music room on request. Students regularly form bands and arrange to perform in the cafeteria during lunchtime.

Prayer Room

Students can access a private prayer room on request.

What’s on

A healthy and engaging social life is just as important as a solid educational foundation. The College has a wide range of sporting, recreational and social events and activities conducted throughout the year. These activities can enhance academic performance by providing a good balance between study and recreation, and they also provide an opportunity to make new friendships.

Other social activities that enhance the student experience include art activities, music club, a river cruise, food events, ice skating, and bowling.