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living in perth


A great place to live and study.

Perth, the capital of Western Australia, is a modern western city. We enjoy a multicultural population, beautiful weather, and prosperous exports. From small local markets to state-wide celebrations, there are also fun festivals and events throughout the year.


Two million people

With a mix of cultures, religions, and ethnicities from all over the world, Perth people are warm, friendly, and welcoming. Our multicultural population enjoys a relaxed cosmopolitan lifestyle.


Perth is famous for its climate. We have four seasons (Summer, Autumn, Winter, Spring) — temperatures average around 18 – 35C in summer and 5 – 18C in winter.

40% of Australia’s Exports

Western Australia’s dynamic economy produces over 40% of Australia’s export products and provides many career and business opportunities.

A home away from home

A convenient time zone.

Perth is conveniently located for inbound flights from around the world, especially Asia. It is in the same time zone as much of east Asia, including Beijing, which makes it easy for students to communicate with their families and reduces jetlag on arrival.

Affordable living.

Perth offers students quality accommodation at a reasonable cost. The average international student spends about $400 – $450* AUD a week on accommodation, clothing, food, transport, entertainment, telephone, and incidental costs.

*Airfares and tuition fees do not form part of this estimated cost of living. It also does not cover additional costs associated with a more expensive lifestyle.

Safe and secure.

Perth’s lifestyle is well supported by excellent healthcare facilities and a clean, safe, secure environment. All medical and law-enforcement services are accessible and safe. Additionally, our wide-open spaces and pleasant Mediterranean climate (hot, dry summers and cool, wet winters) create an excellent living environment with minimal pollution and congestion.