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Congratulations and farewell

Congratulations and farewell to the Mid-Year WAUFP class of 2022-23.

Congratulations and farewell to Mid-Year students

Congratulations and farewell to our 2022-23 Mid-Year WA Universities’ Foundation Program students, who have completed their studies with Canning College.

The Mid-Year group consisted of 17 students from Cambodia, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Myanmar, Taiwan, Singapore and the Philippines. May Myat Noe completed her studies online and all other students were with us in Perth.

Summer Ting, who is from Malaysia, was the overall top student, and also won subject awards for Mathematics Applications and Human Biology, which was shared with Kefira Lotik.

Valedictory speech

Valedictorian Junette Sim, who is from Singapore, spoke of the friendships made and the welcoming environment that helped students to settle so quickly.

“Friends, our journey through Canning College has been marked by challenges and triumphs,” she said. “We have faced difficult exams, burnt through midnights and juggled countless assignments. We’ve also experienced unforgettable moments and formed lasting friendships.

“As we leave Canning College and embark on the next phase of our lives, we will undoubtedly face new challenges and opportunities. But let us remember the knowledge and skills that we are equipped with, which will enable us to navigate through these challenges and seize opportunities… let us look forward to the future with optimism and determination, knowing that we have the power to shape our own destiny.

“As we move forward, let us be guided by our aspirations and our values. Let us be bold in our ambitions and humble in our approach. Whether we pursue further education in business, science or the arts, let us be openminded and curious, willing to learn from others and explore new paths.”

Junette also thanked teachers and staff for their support throughout her study journey.

Principal’s words

Principal Adelfo Sabatini thanked the students for their commitment to studies and the college.

“We’re sad that we’re going to see you go but we’ve had these wonderful experiences with you, and we will cherish those memories,” he said.

“You brought your own perspectives. You brought your own culture; your experiences and you enriched our lives. You would’ve faced many challenges in your time here, but you rose to those challenges. You adapted to a new language, new cultural norms and you handled all of that.”

He urged students to keep in touch and to return to Canning College in future to let staff know about their progress.

Mid-Year journey

The Mid-Year WA Universities’ Foundation Program students started at Canning College in July last year. They will complete final external exams before taking the next steps on their career journey.

Most students will choose to start their university courses next semester either in Western Australia, in other parts of the country or overseas. The WA Universities’ Foundation Program is recognised by Australia’s top universities, including the prestigious Group of Eight.

Award winners

Overall Top Student – Summer Ting (Malaysia)

Accounting and Finance – Fung Siu Kei (Hong Kong)

Chemistry – Summer Ting (Malaysia)

Computer Science – Aung Phone Hein (Myanmar)

English Language and Australian Cultural Studies – Kefira Lotik (Philippines)

Human Biology – Summer Ting (Malaysia) and Kefira Lotik (Philippines)

Mathematics Applications – Summer Ting (Malaysia)

Mathematics Methods – Aung Phone Hein (Myanmar)

Physics – Brendon Chua (Malaysia)

Enrolling now for 2023-24

Canning College is enrolling new students for the 2023-24 Mid-Year WA Universities’ Foundation Program. International students interested in completing their secondary education with us and achieving entry into a top Australian university can find out more about the application process here.

For further information, explore the content on our website or email us at

Canning College is a Western Australian State Government education institution that has been delivering programs for international students since 1982.

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