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International student leaders

Cyber security, biomedical science, psychology and engineering are among the academic goals of Canning College’s 2022 international student leaders. But one of our student representatives is also on track to become a commercial helicopter pilot.

Three Student Ambassadors and a Student Representative on the Board make up the quartet of leaders, who are from three different countries.

Two WA Universities’ Foundation Program students, Scotty (Myanmar) and Amalia (Malaysia), are joined in ambassador roles by Singapore student Matthew, who is completing Year 11 Bridging.

The fourth position within the student leadership team is that of the Student Representative on the Board. Zyra, who is from Myanmar, started her duties earlier this term.

International student leaders on board for 2022.
Responsible international student leaders

While Zyra’s responsibilities directly involve providing student perspective at Board meetings, the Student Ambassadors will also help fellow students through facilitating events and activities.

Student Ambassadors will take the lead on Canning College visitor tours, assist in helping newcomers feel welcome and provide guidance and advice to other students.

Student leaders are expected to improve their communication and organisational skills and increase confidence through participation in activities.

Principal praise

Canning College Principal Maria Leslie said the students would be engaged in several activities that would encourage them to step out of their comfort zones.

“We want these students to feel a sense of importance about the roles,” Ms Leslie said. “Their involvement as student leaders will challenge them to tackle new activities, meet new people and generally broaden their experiences.

“They should also be seen by other students as people who can help find the answers to questions that may not be immediately obvious.

“We are delighted that these students have accepted the responsibility and we’re sure they will continue to grow as people as they also improve academically.”

Amalia’s studies taking off

Amalia is not yet sure whether she will immediately pursue an engineering degree after completing the WA Universities’ Foundation Program, or if she will take off in a different direction.

She likes the “the kind, multicultural and peaceful environment of Canning College,” and is also enjoying life outside of school as she trains to become a helicopter pilot.

“One of my most memorable moments in life so far was flying in a helicopter over some kangaroos that were just sitting around and chilling,” she said.

She also has other machine interests, which point towards an engineering career. She saw motorcycle legend Valentino Rossi let slip the Malaysian MotoGP when he fell in 2018, and was impressed by the roar of a Sukhoi Su-30 fighter aircraft at the Langkawi International Maritime Aerospace Exhibition in 2019.

Matthew’s mind on psychology

Matthew has settled quickly into life at Canning College and he will progress to the WA Universities’ Foundation Program next year before joining Murdoch University.

“After Canning College, I hope to pursue psychology as it has always been a passion of mine,” he said.

For now, he is enjoying the experience of studying at Canning College.

“Having had the desire to come here to study for a long while, finally being here makes me feel accomplished,” he said. “Coming here has already been a thrilling adventure.”

“I feel the College will enable me to reach my academic potential. What I like most about Canning College is that they have the friendliest and nicest teachers. Not only do the teachers have a sense of humour, but they also teach in a way that makes learning exciting.”

Cyber Scotty serious about gaming

Scotty has his sights set on a career in cyber security. From Yangon, Myanmar’s biggest city, he chose Canning College because the WA Universities’ Foundation Program offers a direct pathway into cyber security.

“Yangon has extremely friendly people and community,” he said. “Canning College campus feels like home.”

Scotty wants his interest in computers and gaming to develop into a career pathway.

“I want to be a cyber security analyst but also to turn my hobby of PC building and gaming into a business,” he said.

Zyra tuning up for biomedical science

Guitar-playing sports enthusiast Zyra is studying the WA Universities’ Foundation Program with the aim of enrolling in Biomedical Science at The University of Western Australia.

After Canning College was recommended by her agent, she conducted her own investigation before enrolling in WAUFP rather than the WA Certificate of Education.

“I feel like it would set me up for my path to university more than the WACE program,” she said of her decision to choose the Foundation Program. “Learning the English Language and Australian Cultural Studies (ELACS) subject also gives me an insight into Australia’s history.”

Already an accomplished guitarist, Zyra enjoys free time in the music room and is learning to play drums.

“I’m also interested in all kinds of sports and am willing to give it a try, even combat sport,” she said.

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