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Special guests on campus

Canning College today hosted some special guests, who took a close look at the online teaching and learning methods that provide international students with pathways into universities.

Department of Education Director General Ms Lisa Rodgers and Deputy Director Mr Jim Bell were joined on the campus tour by Principal of the School of Isolated and Distance Education (SIDE), Mr Paul Mathews.

The visitors met with Canning College Principal Wayne Axford, Deputy Principals Maria Leslie and Adelfo Sabatini, Manager of International Operations Lisa De’Ceglie as well as teachers and students.

“Our online learning programs have been up and running for more than a year now and our teachers continue to do an excellent job in adapting to the circumstances,” Mr Axford said. 

“It was great to have Lisa, Jim and Paul visit Canning to observe and participate in several lessons with our onshore and offshore students. The students appreciated the opportunity to share their experience of online learning.”

The Director General was also introduced to Canning College’s students leaders Khaasyiyah (Representative on the Board), Linda (Ambassador) and Risto (Ambassador).

Canning College launched online learning for international students last year and have enrolled students from various parts of the world into a range of live and interactive programs.

The visitors were shown some of the techniques that teachers use to engage online students, as well as how they overcome the challenges of having students both in class and online for some lessons.

All Canning College programs are available online to international students, who are unable to travel to Perth.

Canning College, which first educated international students in 1982, has been focused exclusively on international education since 2019.