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The Future for Domestic Students Begins at Canning College

Education is always evolving, and Canning College is excited to resume the enrolment of local students.

Of course, the College will continue to serve international students alongside the domestic intake. In seeking to be a cornerstone for local and international students charting their journey to higher education, Canning College presents a blend of rigorous academic training, real-world exposure, and a network of support.

By fostering an environment of growth, curiosity and ambition, a path to future success starts at Canning College.

The Local Students Canning College Caters For

Canning College is open to selected local students in Year 10, Year 11, Year 12, and, in some cases, those seeking to study the WA Universities’ Foundation Program. Some mature age students may also enrol in Canning College courses.

Canning College students come from more than 20 countries and a strong and vibrant international culture is built into campus life. A multicultural campus provides an environment for young adults to interact and make friends with peers from around the world, to develop cross-cultural understandings and a deeper appreciation of global society. Canning College’s robust curriculum and supportive environment ensure that every student, regardless of where they stand in their senior secondary academic journey, finds the resources and guidance they need to excel.

For Year 10s, 11s and 12s.

Students can complete their senior secondary schooling at Canning College and seamlessly transition into university. Canning College’s unique Year 10 program provides a platform that puts students on track for Year 11 and Year 12 ATAR studies, and the completion of the WA Certificate of Education (WACE).   

The Year 10 program comprises the mandated learning areas of Western Australian Curriculum for Year 10: Mathematics, English, Science, and Humanities and Social Sciences (“MESH” subjects) and Health and Physical Education, enhanced with excursions, workshops and hands-on learning experiences. These expanded learning opportunities prepare students for Year 11 ATAR, serve to motivate and guide students to achieve their ambitions, and support their growth as informed, caring and capable local and global citizens.  

When you complete high school studies at Canning College, you get to enjoy a university-style campus and routine. No school uniforms, no sirens or bells to mark recess and lunch — it’s a more mature environment that students love. It’s worth noting that, due to the range of our programs, timetable structure and the physical openness of the campus, students need to be self-managing and self-responsible.  

More on University Pathway Programs at Canning College.

Canning College’s goal is to inspire students to achieve their ambition of university entry.  

Our approach? We offer tailored programs that facilitate a seamless and successful transition to universities. But that’s not all. We equip students with the skills, knowledge, and resources to thrive. With established resources and support systems, students enhance their academic preparedness, gearing up for the best that higher education has to offer. 

Why Domestic Students Choose Canning College for University Pathways.

The proof is in the pudding — or in this case, the success stories. Canning College’s international graduates regularly transition into top universities and enrol in sought-after degree programs. But why should local students specifically be interested in Canning College’s pathway options? 

Beyond the academic programs, Canning College offers an environment that nurtures growth, curiosity, and ambition. Students aren’t just prepared for university — our staff, programs, resources, and facilities, prepare them for life.  

Studying at Canning College is not just about acquiring bookish knowledge. It blends academia, practical skills, and social opportunities to increase student capabilities. Moreover, by fostering collaboration with university faculties, Canning College ensures course alignment and readiness for what lies ahead. Students experience similar challenges to those they’ll face in future academic pursuits and everyday work environments. 

The College hosts numerous workshops and seminars in conjunction with university partners, further bolstering students’ readiness for the next phase of their academic journey. 

By providing continued support, guidance, and resources, we ensure our students don’t just survive in universities — they thrive. 

Take the Next Step in Your Domestic Studies with Canning College.

Register your interest here or call us on 9278 3500 for more information. At this stage, Canning College is gauging interest in the subjects that will be offered. On receipt of your Registration of Interest form, Canning College will contact you to arrange a meeting to discuss your interest in the College and your future plans.   

International student leaders on board for 2022.