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Uni visitors add to science

It just wouldn’t be Science Week without serving up delicious ice cream made with liquid nitrogen.

This week, we called on an expert from Curtin University, former Canning College student Dr Katya Clark, and a team of Nutrition and Food Science students to join in the fun.

2021 science ice cream 2

The Curtin team made an avocado and coconut ice cream, while Canning College played it safe with a tried-and-proven red velvet chocolate flavour.

The entire ice cream-making process takes just a few minutes as ingredients are stirred in a bowl and cooled using liquid nitrogen, which has a freezing temperature of around -200 degrees Celsius.

2021 science ice cream 1

Dr Clark said she and her students were delighted to participate and were very keen to compete again with another unique flavour in 2022.

2021 science ice cream 3