New community initiative engages students

Canning College has launched a new initiative that provides students with volunteer opportunities that engage them in community activities.

Award-winning WA Universities’ Foundation Program student Lee Dayoon was the first to take part in the program when she visited West Leeming Primary School this week.

Science teachers Tony Herbert and Simon Maddy attended with Dayoon to introduce the young students to microscopy.

In the 90-minute session, students learnt how to identify and describe the different parts of a microscope before using it to observe things such as crystals of sugar, onion cells, pollen grains, human hair and ants.

Dayoon, who was a joint winner of the 2022 Doug Russell Award as Canning’s outstanding WAUFP students, along with Micayla Han Qi Yi, was a great contributor to the session, helping the groups of students to conduct their tasks.

“It was nice to be able to help out and to show the young students some interesting science activities,” said Dayoon, who is from South Korea.

“I like the idea of being able to interact with members of the community and to be involved in something that feels important to the students.”

The West Leeming Primary School session was part of an ongoing collaborative partnership between Canning College, Curtin Universities and local schools.

Each visit will involve Canning College students engaging with members of the community in a voluntary capacity. Student volunteers are presented with a certificate from Canning College as a recognition of their contribution in extracurricular activities.

Science Specialist Mrs Charu Sharma from West Leeming Primary School was pleased with the activity.

“Our Year 5 students were highly motivated and engaged throughout the lessons prepared for them,” she said. “I greatly appreciate your time and effort and look forward to future collaboration.”

Mr Herbert was pleased with the inaugural activity.

“This is just one of many ways international students can engage in community activities,” he said. “It’s important that our students, who come from many parts of the world, feel genuinely connected to their studies and the place in which they have chosen to live.

“This initiative is a great way to connect students with the community through volunteering and we look forward to continuing this project in 2022.”

Welcoming students to Perth in 2022

Canning College in spring

Canning College is looking forward to welcoming new students on to campus in early 2022 following an announcement from the Western Australian State Government. 

After maintaining tight border controls that have successfully contained COVID-19 and limited its impact on the people of Western Australia, the State Government is preparing to start welcoming new international arrivals as part of a Safe Transition Plan. 

The transition, which is based on expert health advice, will occur when WA reaches a double dose vaccination rate of 90% of the eligible population (12 years and over). This is expected to be achieved in late January/early February 2022. 

Once an 80% vaccination rate is achieved, the WA State Government will announce the transition date. 

International arrivals in Western Australian will be required to: 

  • be double-dose vaccinated
  • return a negative PCR test 72 hours before departure 
  • undertake a test on arrival

During the pandemic, Canning College successfully developed, launched and delivered interactive online programs, which allowed international students to continue on their pathway to university from their own homes. We will continue to offer interactive online program delivery in 2022, until further notice. 

The Safe Transition Plan is a significant step forward for Western Australia and we hope that students enrolled to start with us in first semester will be able to join us in Perth at some stage of their education. We anticipate that new students may not be in Perth for the start of Semester One 2022 and that they will begin their Canning College studies through online delivery. However, we encourage agents to assist students in taking the necessary steps to be able to join us in Perth where they can fully immerse themselves in the international student experience. 

We understand that the processing of visas may be delayed in some countries and that some students may be required to spend more time studying online. Canning College will work with international education agents to ensure the best outcome for students enrolled in our programs. 

Canning College is committed to providing international students with excellent pathway programs that take them into their chosen university. More than that, we will continue to assist in their personal development so they are ready for the transition into university life. 

After almost two years of adjustment and caution around the world, we are delighted to be able to offer safety and stability here in Perth, Western Australia. Our State has the strongest economy in Australia, our city is clean, modern and conducive to a healthy lifestyle and our education system is among the best in the world – just three reasons for students to consider joining us at Canning College. 

Should you require any information about Canning College and how our programs can help international students achieve entry into leading universities, please do not hesitate to contact our admissions team at

For the latest information regarding the safe return of international students to WA visit the StudyPerth page here or for more about Western Australia’s Safe Transition Plan visit the Government website here. 

Canning College in spring

Secure your place with forecast results

2021 Lisa De Ceglie

Students seeking to join us at Canning College do not have to wait for their final academic results to submit an application.

Preliminary and/or forecast results can be assessed during the application process to help ease student anxieties and allow them to focus on current school studies.

Students can also use forecast results to apply for Canning College scholarships, which are available across all programs. Scholarship applications must also include a student’s most recent semester school results.

Our experienced admissions team can quickly assess student capabilities and provide the security of an offer of place, often within 24 hours of receiving the application.

Our commitment to student success comes with an expectation that those granted an offer of place will continue to work hard on their current school studies.

Canning College also offers students course packaging arrangements with Western Australian universities, saving time and money on visa applications.

Most importantly, a packaged offer can secure student places in some quota-restricted university degree courses, subject to meeting minimum requirements.

Apply now and find your future at Canning College

Direct entry into Australian universities

Your pathway into australian universities

Wherever you are in the world, Canning College can help you achieve your dream of earning a place at a leading Australian university.

Our programs are designed for international students and are generally completed in six to 12 months. We also offer multi-year senior secondary studies.

You can enrol now and start the WA Universities’ Foundation Program in July. 

Our experienced and supportive staff can make it easier for you to enter leading Australian universities. You will receive expert tuition from teachers who care about international students, and your qualification will be recognised across Australia and in other parts of the world.

Whether you are interested in studying with us here in Perth, Western Australia, or through our live and interactive online programs, you can gain access to leading universities on the successful completion of your Canning College program.

Students unable to join us in Perth can avoid delaying their studies by joining our online programs.

Students can continue this live, interactive learning until they are able to enter Western Australia and be part of our on-campus experience.

Canning College will continue to offer online programs to international students for a period of time after Western Australia reopens borders to international travellers in 2022.

As a Western Australian State Government institution, our programs are recognised across Australia, and Canning students are drawn from countries around the world, including Malaysia, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Singapore, Vietnam, the Middle East and Africa.

Our reputation for success has been built over almost 40 years. In this time, we have helped thousands of students on their path to a wide range of careers including physiotherapy, law, business, engineering, medicine, nursing, veterinary science and IT.

Canning College works with highly experience education agents in many countries. They are experts at helping students prepare to join us in February, April or Mid-Year intakes.

Whatever your career goal, Canning College can help you get there with programs suitable for students of various academic levels. You may even be eligible for one of our prestigious scholarships.

If you have a specific question, please email our team at and we will be in touch as soon as we can or contact one of our approved education agents in your area.

Celebrating student success

Canning College celebrated the achievements of more than 130 students across three programs in 2020 and 2021 during a Presentation Evening ceremony held at Technology Park on Friday, October 22.

Students completing the WA Universities’ Foundation Program this year, and those who finished the Diploma of Commerce and Certificate IV in University Access Program at the end of 2020 or in the middle of 2021 were acknowledged during a presentation that was livestreamed to an international audience. Thank you to students from around the world, who watched the livestream despite technical difficulties during the night.


04mins 08secs

Principal’s address

15mins 25secs

Certificate IV 2020 students

17mins 40secs

Certificate IV 2021 students

20mins 07secs

Certificate IV Academic Excellence Award

21mins 15secs

Diploma of Commerce 2020 students

26mins 25secs

Diploma of Commerce 2021 students

32mins 30secs

Diploma of Commerce Awards

42mins 55secs

Diploma Valedictorian – Alvin Candra

49mins 30secs

WA Universities’ Foundation Program students

1hr 02mins 30secs

WAUFP Valedictorian – Livia Lily Mammen

1hr 07mins 40secs

Student Leaders presentation

1hr 12mins 20secs

WAUFP Awards

1hr 20mins 30secs

WAUFP Valedictorian – Khaasyiyah Kamsani

1hr 27mins 18secs

Charge – Dr Bruce Mackintosh






Principal Wayne Axford thanked students for their application to their studies and wished them well in their future academic endeavours.

“I encourage you to build on the relationships you already have with your peers, family and other members of society,” he said. “I also encourage you to develop meaningful relationships with people you will meet in the future, whether that be at university, in the workplace or through groups that share a common interest.

“To achieve ongoing success, I encourage you to focus on your goals, be passionate about these goals, work hard at the associated tasks and take pride in what you do.”

Director of International Operations Lisa De’Ceglie said students had adapted to significant changes to learning and teaching during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“We hope that the education that you received whether onshore or online has set you up for future studies that will lead to your dream career,” she told students.

“The way you have adapted to the totally unexpected shows that nothing is impossible for you.”

An exceptional valedictory speech from Khaasyiyah Kamsani, a WAUFP student who is also on the Canning College Board, was matched by online valedictories from Alvin Candra, a Diploma of Commerce student from Indonesia, and Livia Lily Mammen, who studied WAUFP from Singapore.

The prestigious Doug Russell Award for the top student was shared, for the first time, by Micayla Han Qi Yi, who studied WAUFP from Brunei, and Lee Dayoon, a Korean student who studied on campus.

The Scholarship Award and Ron Goddard Award for the Diploma of Commerce University of WA stream were won by Chung Hui Ning. The Scholarship Award and Ron Goddard Award for the Diploma of Commerce Curtin University stream were won by Goh Wen Xuan.

So Cek Ki, who studied online from Malaysia, won the Academic Excellence Award as the top Certificate IV in University Access Program student.



Doug Russell Award: Micayla Han Qi Yi and Lee Dayoon

Principal’s Commendation Award: Carine Siew Ying

Accounting and Finance Award: Yan Xiang Hock

Business Management and Enterprise Award: Micayla Han Qi Yi

Chemistry Award: Dominic Cheng

Computer Science Award: Micayla Han Qi Yi

Economics Award: Yan Xiang Hock

English Language and Australian Cultural Studies Award: Charity Lim Shu Ann

Human Biology Award: Carissa Lim Yen Hui

Mathematics Applications Award: Shelly Voo Sigawin

Mathematics Methods Award: Lee Dayoon

Mathematics Specialist Award: Lee Dayoon

Physics Award: Lee Dayoon

Psychology Award: Charity Lim Shu Ann and Carine Siew Ying



Financial Accounting Award: Chung Hui Ning

Communication Studies Award: Chong Yun Jun and Chung Hui Ning

Introduction to Finance: Chung Hui Ning

UWA Scholarship Award: Chung Hui Ning

Ron Goddard Award (UWA): Chung Hui Ning


Curtin Scholarship Award: Goh Wen Xuan

Ron Goddard Award (Curtin): Goh Wen Xuan


Academic Excellence Award: So Cek Ki

Study tips from top student

Singapore students Bob and Carina dropped in to say hello to Canning College staff recently.

The pair were among Canning College’s best performing WA Universities’ Foundation Program students last year and are both now studying a Bachelor of Science (Physiotherapy) at Curtin University.

After catching up with Human Biology teacher Simon, we asked if they had any tips for students approaching important exams.
Carina’s response was typically honest and extremely helpful.

2021 09 29 news carina student tips
Pictured above: Carina (right) with Bob (centre) and Human Biology teacher Simon.

“I think one of the major factors that helped me in my final exam was having revision/study sessions with friends,” Carina said. “During the final lap of the study period, Bob and I would just have a list of questions on the content and test each other on our knowledge. I think that really helped me to gain confidence in the knowledge that I’ve built up, and to really engage with the materials that we were tested on.

“Studying together with other friends has also helped me to consistently revise and relook at the content as well. The group of friends provided encouragement to push on towards the end of exams and a sense of comfort when I was kind of struggling with homesickness as well.”

As many 2021 students are studying online, students can connect with each other using Webex or other video conferencing tools to adopt a similar shared-learning approach.

Carina’s advice also came with a warning about the potential for students to overfocus on school work.
“One thing that I would do differently would probably be to take breaks more often (or when I needed to),” she said.

“I think it is quite easy to get caught up in the pace of things – trying to get as much revision/work done. But I should have gotten out of my study space for some exercise or doing things that I like doing, just to get my mind off studying for a short bit. I think it seems so counterintuitive to do so but breaks and taking care of oneself are so important.”

Wherever our students are in the world, we encourage them to make sure they are balancing hard work with some time away from the rigours of study.

A final word from Carina:

“Wishing the students all the best in their exams, and I hope they’ll learn to just trust the process, and all the hard work that they’ve put into it so far.”

Thank you to Carina for the tips, and good luck to all our students.

Fast cars goal for John

Hong Kong student John is on track for a career in cars after making the most of a challenging situation.

The impact of the pandemic hit the world hard soon after John had arrived in Perth to begin his international student experience.

Although the pandemic resulted in travel restrictions, John was among a group of students who continued to enjoy the relative freedom and comfort of studying in Western Australia, where COVID had minimal impact on the local population.

But after a long period away from his family in Hong Kong, and after seeing the evolution of Canning College’s online learning programs, he made the decision to return home.

John completed the WA Universities’ Foundation Program online and is now studying at one of the world’s best universities.

Watch the video to find out more about his journey and where he hopes his hard work will take him next.

Special guests on campus

Canning College today hosted some special guests, who took a close look at the online teaching and learning methods that provide international students with pathways into universities.

Department of Education Director General Ms Lisa Rodgers and Deputy Director Mr Jim Bell were joined on the campus tour by Principal of the School of Isolated and Distance Education (SIDE), Mr Paul Mathews.

The visitors met with Canning College Principal Wayne Axford, Deputy Principals Maria Leslie and Adelfo Sabatini, Manager of International Operations Lisa De’Ceglie as well as teachers and students.

“Our online learning programs have been up and running for more than a year now and our teachers continue to do an excellent job in adapting to the circumstances,” Mr Axford said. 

“It was great to have Lisa, Jim and Paul visit Canning to observe and participate in several lessons with our onshore and offshore students. The students appreciated the opportunity to share their experience of online learning.”

The Director General was also introduced to Canning College’s students leaders Khaasyiyah (Representative on the Board), Linda (Ambassador) and Risto (Ambassador).

Canning College launched online learning for international students last year and have enrolled students from various parts of the world into a range of live and interactive programs.

The visitors were shown some of the techniques that teachers use to engage online students, as well as how they overcome the challenges of having students both in class and online for some lessons.

All Canning College programs are available online to international students, who are unable to travel to Perth.

Canning College, which first educated international students in 1982, has been focused exclusively on international education since 2019.

Music hits the right note

Support from Lotterywest and StudyPerth has helped Canning College improve its instrument collection and add new activities to engage students.

The music room is available during break times and after school to current students, while some former students have also joined in our recent sessions.

Our instrument collection now includes guitars, drums, banjo, ukulele, bongos, a mandolin and percussion items.

The music room is a great place for students to engage with others, develop social skills and to explore their creativity.

Uni visitors add to science

It just wouldn’t be Science Week without serving up delicious ice cream made with liquid nitrogen.

This week, we called on an expert from Curtin University, former Canning College student Dr Katya Clark, and a team of Nutrition and Food Science students to join in the fun.

2021 science ice cream 2

The Curtin team made an avocado and coconut ice cream, while Canning College played it safe with a tried-and-proven red velvet chocolate flavour.

The entire ice cream-making process takes just a few minutes as ingredients are stirred in a bowl and cooled using liquid nitrogen, which has a freezing temperature of around -200 degrees Celsius.

2021 science ice cream 1

Dr Clark said she and her students were delighted to participate and were very keen to compete again with another unique flavour in 2022.

2021 science ice cream 3