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Great reasons to study in Perth

Great reasons to study in Perth

There are many great reasons to study in Perth. Canning College is one of them.

Canning College provided Indonesian student Fayadh with his first experience of Western Australia.

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Fayadh has made the most of almost every day since moving from Indonesia to study at Canning College. He studied hard at Canning College to earn a place at Curtin University.

As he had chosen to live at the Vickery House accommodation, which is located next to Canning College, he did not have to move his belongings to another place when he started his Bachelor of Commerce degree.

Canning College is next to Curtin University, where Fayadh found work as a barista and cashier in the university library café.

One of the other great reasons to study in Perth was the work experience opportunities that Fayadh made the most of.

Care and support to help students succeed

When Fayadh joined Canning College, he was following in the footsteps of thousands of international students. The College first welcomed overseas students in 1982 and has since established a reputation for providing students with opportunities to achieve academic and personal goals.

A team of teachers and support staff make sure international students can quickly overcome any concerns or anxieties that are not uncommon in people who find themselves in a new country for the first time.

Student Advisors and a dedicated Student Services help students adjust to life in Perth. This makes it easier for them to perform in the classroom.

Setting the right foundation

The WA Universities’ Foundation Program gave Fayadh the academic grounding to enter Curtin University and tackle his Diploma of Commerce with confidence.

The Western Australian Universities’ Foundation Program also provides access to The University of Western Australia, Murdoch University, Edith Cowan University and the University of Notre Dame Australia, as well as other Australian universities such as the University of Melbourne, Monash University and the University of Sydney.

Flexible start times

Fayadh entered the Western Australian Universities’ Foundation Program at Canning College in April 2019. He had already completed some comparable Year 11 subjects as part of the Uni-bridge Program at the Darma Yudha school in Pekanbaru, Indonesia.

The Western Australian Universities’ Foundation Program starts in January but students can also join the program in April. This is suitable to stronger students, who have additional classroom time to catch up with the work done by those students who started in January.

There is also a Mid-Year entry for the Western Australian Universities’ Foundation Program. Students who start this program, complete in the middle of the following year.

Teaching and learning

The WA Universities’ Foundation Program is designed to suit international students. In recognition of the different cultural backgrounds of enrolled students, there is particular emphasis on English language teaching.

While most subjects are taught for 4.5 hours per week, the compulsory English Language and Australian Cultural Studies subject is delivered over 9 hours per week.

For information on subjects and prerequisites, CLICK HERE.

Certification gained

The Western Australian Universities’ Foundation Program Certificate is issued by the Tertiary Admissions Service Centre. Students who complete the Western Australian Universities’ Foundation Program receive a Combined Percentage Score, which can be directly compared to the Australian Tertiary Admission Rank. The ATAR is a ranking system that determines university entry for students across Australia.

Enrolling at Canning College

Many students choose to engage an authorised international education agent to assist them with their application to enrol at Canning College. Education agents can also help with other administrative tasks such as visa applications. A list of Canning College education agents is provided on our website here.

Students can also contact Canning College directly and apply to join us by following the procedures outlined on our website here.

WA Universities’ Foundation Program CRICOS Course Code 076495K