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Powering through student challenges

Vanshi talks about powering through international student challenges
Vanshi, left, with Canning College Director of International Operations Lisa De'Ceglie.

Overcoming international student challenges

It isn’t always easy to commit to being thousands of kilometres from home to start an international study experience. But those who are prepared to take on the challenge almost always have a learning experience that they never forget.

Vanshi Jain, who is from India, is one of those people, having studied first at Canning College before enrolling at Curtin University where she is working through a health-related degree.

“Facing all the challenges that a new environment brings isn’t easy,” she said.

But with the help of staff and fellow students at Canning College, Vanshi has embraced her new life in Perth.

Support from Canning College

Vanshi started her study journey at Canning College with a Bridging Program and successfully completed the Western Australian Universities’ Foundation Program (WAUFP) in 2022.

“The teachers and staff members were very supportive. They’ve always checked on me to make sure I was okay,” she said.

During her early days at Canning College, Vanshi knew that she could always get help and support whenever she needed it.

“They took care of me like family, a new family away from my family back in India,” she said.

Despite facing a range of challenges, including setting up for a daily life and adjusting into a new environment, Vanshi has become far more independent by studying abroad. She also believes that as an international student she has gained new skills and has become a better person.

“Canning College has made me a stronger, more complete person,” she said. “There’s no person I’d rather be than the person I am now. The challenges of being on my own, of finding a whole new friend group, of growing up, were daunting. Nevertheless, I am very grateful to have chosen to study here.”

As a Western Australian Government education provider, Canning College is committed to preparing all students for their transition to university by improving their academic capabilities and assisting in their personal development. Vanshi has no doubt that studying at Canning before going to university prepared her to pursue her career goal.

“To all those who are thinking about coming to Perth, there is no better place than Canning College to start their academic journey,” she said.

Loving life in Perth, Western Australia

Coming to Australia was exciting for Vanshi, especially when she got to try new things that helped her in learning to adapt to new situations. Perth is considered one of the world’s most liveable cities and has great infrastructure, healthcare, transport system, education, food, arts and music.

“Compared to the hustle and bustle of Melbourne and Sydney, Perth is more relaxing,” Vanshi said. Perth has almost everything to offer for international students, from an easy and affordable study environment to an exceptional life experience.

“It’s a quirky, arty, up-and-coming city with some stunning beaches and a lot of sunshine. No wonder I love living in Perth,” she said.