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Settling in for a successful future

Anh Pham’s learning experience at Canning College was a big help in her successful transition to university studies.

“There were always teachers and friends at school that gave me a sense of belonging and safety,” the Vietnamese student said. “I felt like I was being welcomed all the time. In Australia, I got used to using English to talk with my international friends and I got used to the way people think and work here. So, adjusting to uni life wasn’t too difficult for me.”

After two years at Canning, Anh, who is from Ho Chi Minh City, is now in the second year of a Pharmacy degree at Curtin University, where she continues to rise to the challenges of international study while looking towards a successful future.

“I’m enjoying it right now,” she said. “Even though the course can be difficult, the experience I’ve had along the way is what makes it worthwhile.”

Smooth adjustment

Adjusting to life in Australia can be both challenging and rewarding, and Anh is grateful for the time she spent at Canning College. Through the encouragement of teachers, support staff and fellow international students, she quickly felt comfortable in her new environment.

“When moving up to Foundation studies, the teaching quality and the knowledge that I gained from those units actually helped me in my first year in university,” she said.

Anh started Canning College’s Year 10 program in 2019 before teachers recognised her ability to tackle a more challenging program.

“Coming to Australia to study in Year 10 was when I was only 15 years old and it was scary at first,” she said. “But the teachers actually helped me adapt to the environment and I studied well. The interactions between students and teachers helped me get more confidence and the international friends I made during my studies also helped me a lot.”

Eager student

Head of Science Tony Herbert said Anh was a great student who was eager to perform well at school.

“It was clear very early in her time with us at the Canning College that she was a very capable student,” Mr Herbert said.

“She was enthusiastic to learn and it was clear from her early assessments and tests that she would benefit from moving into Year 11 without completing the Year 10 program. We had no doubt that she would perform very well in the Year 11 program and that was the case.

“Anh completed Year 11 and then studied the WA Universities’ Foundation Program, which was her pathway into Curtin University.”

Looking towards a successful future

The WA Universities’ Foundation Program is a popular choice for international students seeking entry into universities across Australia.

Aside from the excellent Western Australian universities, students can also use their WAUFP results to enter interstate institutions such as the University of Melbourne and the University of Sydney.

In Anh’s case, teachers recognised her ability and were able to ease her through her studies more quickly, meaning she saved time and money on her pathway to university.