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2023-24 International Guide - it has all you need to know about studying at Canning College

International Guide: All you need to know

Canning College’s new International Guide is ready to read online. It has everything international students need to know about our pathway-to-university programs, how to apply and why studying in Perth is a great choice.

This comprehensive 44-page International Guide provides detailed information to help prospective students – and their parents – choose the right Canning College program to take international students on their pathway to university.

Our programs have helped thousands of international students enter Australia’s best universities – including the five institutions here in Perth, Western Australia.

Check out the International Guide to find out more about our connections to Western Australia’s excellent universities, testimonials from former students and how we provide the care, support and attention to make it easier for students to succeed at university.

And, if you’re a current or former student and you took part in one of our official photoshoots over the years, you might even see yourself in the pages of the International Guide.

If you, or someone you know, is interested in becoming an international student at Canning College, check out the International Guide or send us an email at

Download the International Guide, or try our 12-page Brochure for some key information regarding Canning College and our programs.

Get ready for your Australian study experience

The blue boatshed is one of the things you might like to visit on your Australian study experience.

Getting the most out of your Australian study experience

Being away from home as an international student can be challenging for a young person. But it will also be one of the most exciting times, too.

As we’re approaching the beginning of 2023, we have gathered some useful information to help students settle in at Canning College here in Perth, Western Australia.

No matter who you are, where you are from, whether you’re a new student or are continuing with us, we’ve got you covered!

FIVE things to prepare before leaving your home country –

  1. Book your flight
  2. Organise your accommodation
  3. Make a list and start packing
  4. Have a browse about Perth, Western Australia
  5. Embrace and enjoy your Australian study experience

1. Book your flight

Perth is a popular summer destination and with international students returning to Western Australia’s sunniest state it is very important that you have booked your flight in advance. It is best not to leave it until the last minute to lock in your flight.

Keep in mind that you might need some extra time to settle into a new place before you start with us. It is worth considering a flight that arrives a few days before the start of your study period.

Make sure you have these documents before you book your flight –

  • Passport – You must have a valid passport for at least 6 months prior to your arrival in Australia. Print a couple of hard copies of the information page in your passport in case of an emergency.
  • Visa – You must have a valid visa for entering and studying in Australia. Have your visa documentation and Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE) ready before you fly.
  • Proof of vaccination – From 6 July 2022, you are no longer required to show proof of your COVID-19 vaccination for travel to Australia. However, we encourage all travellers to be vaccinated for their own protection. You might want to check the requirements of your airline and any countries that you are transiting through as they may have vaccination requirements.

Please note that masks are still required for international flights to Australia.

Let Canning College know your arrival time in Perth and we can arrange a free pick-up service from the airport to your accommodation.

2. Organise your accommodation

Finding the right accommodation can be tricky, which makes it important to make this a priority. Do your accommodation research properly and confirm your booking as soon as possible.

Things to consider when choosing accommodation:

  • Location – Think about the distance from your accommodation to college and check on the transportation options here: Transperth. Also keep an eye out for local shops along the road like supermarkets, restaurants and pharmacy.
  • Price – Know your budget and always confirm the total cost and any other expenses you may be required to pay, such as a bond and utility fees (water, electricity etc) and ensure they are included in your accommodation agreement.
  • House rules and agreements – You are legally obliged to keep your place clean and pay your rent on time. You also have the legal right to feel secure in your property, and to live in accommodation that is well maintained. Make sure you are aware of any rules and agreements before you signed the contract.

On-campus accommodation is available at Unilodge Vickery House and nearby at St Catherine’s College Curtin.

Find out more: Student Accommodation and University Housing Perth | UniLodge Perth

You can also access other accommodation options, including private rentals and shared living.

If you are under the age of 18, and you will not be staying with a family member, you must stay with a homestay host under the Australian Homestay Network (AHN).

Once you have confirmed your accommodation, make note (address and contact number) of where you will be staying and let your family know. You are also required to inform Canning College as your education provider of your residential address and keep us updated if you have moved or changed contact details.

3. Make a list and start packing

Pack your things slowly to make sure you do not miss a thing. Imagine if you forgot to bring your power plug adapter for your electronic devices to be used in Australia? You will be able to buy a new one here in Perth, but you could have saved your time and money if you had your packing list prepared.

Here are some guidelines to help you work on your packing list –

  • Important documents – Gather all your documents in one safe place and have a copy of each packed somewhere else in your luggage. Even better to leave an extra copy at home with your family in case of emergency.
  • Essential items – Bring with you all the basic things that you need at least for the first week of your arrival. Check with your accommodation whether you’ll have to bring your own stuff like bed sheets, towels, toiletry, cutlery, etc. Cards and electronic banking are widely used but it’s a good idea to have some Australian currency, just in case.
  • Personal belongings – You might want to bring along your favourite things like most-loved jeans, comfy shoes, favourite pyjamas and items you don’t want to leave behind. Depending on when you arrive, you might need to pack something warm for the cooler autumn and winter months.

While working on your packing list, please check the Australian customs and biosecurity regulations here: Australian Customs and Biosecurity FAQs – Tourism Australia. There are some prohibited goods that you must declare when entering Australia. The penalties for breaches of rules can be very severe. 

One general rule is that if you are in doubt, it is better to declare the goods. These restrictions relate to food, herbal medicines, weapons, products from endangered and protected animals plus many other items. Also note that not only are passengers and their baggage checked but also parcels sent by mail from overseas. Your family needs to know what can and cannot be sent to you. Find out more about what you can bring into Australia (

The blue boatshed is one of the things you might like to visit on your Australian study experience.

4. Browse Perth, Western Australia

Have a look at the city of Perth, Western Australia. Searching online is a great way to help you get a better understanding of the city, the people, their lifestyle, the weather and the food. Visit the StudyPerth website here: to find out more about international study in Perth. You can visit to see what activities are taking place in Perth.

Don’t forget to visit our website to familiarise yourself with your soon-to-be second home. Follow our social media on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube channel (@canningcollege) to stay updated.

5. Embrace your Australian study experience

Once you have arrived in Perth and have completed settling into your new accommodation and surrounds, let the adventure begin. Remember that you are not alone. Aside from the friends you will make at Canning College, there are thousands of international students in Perth and the locals are extremely welcoming, too.

As our office is open for most of the school holidays, you can even come in to see us at the College before orientation. Once you know how to get here it will make it very easy to find us on your first official day.

Welcome to the Canning College family. We’re sure you’ll have a wonderful journey ahead.

Settling in for a successful future

Anh Pham’s learning experience at Canning College was a big help in her successful transition to university studies.

“There were always teachers and friends at school that gave me a sense of belonging and safety,” the Vietnamese student said. “I felt like I was being welcomed all the time. In Australia, I got used to using English to talk with my international friends and I got used to the way people think and work here. So, adjusting to uni life wasn’t too difficult for me.”

After two years at Canning, Anh, who is from Ho Chi Minh City, is now in the second year of a Pharmacy degree at Curtin University, where she continues to rise to the challenges of international study while looking towards a successful future.

“I’m enjoying it right now,” she said. “Even though the course can be difficult, the experience I’ve had along the way is what makes it worthwhile.”

Smooth adjustment

Adjusting to life in Australia can be both challenging and rewarding, and Anh is grateful for the time she spent at Canning College. Through the encouragement of teachers, support staff and fellow international students, she quickly felt comfortable in her new environment.

“When moving up to Foundation studies, the teaching quality and the knowledge that I gained from those units actually helped me in my first year in university,” she said.

Anh started Canning College’s Year 10 program in 2019 before teachers recognised her ability to tackle a more challenging program.

“Coming to Australia to study in Year 10 was when I was only 15 years old and it was scary at first,” she said. “But the teachers actually helped me adapt to the environment and I studied well. The interactions between students and teachers helped me get more confidence and the international friends I made during my studies also helped me a lot.”

Eager student

Head of Science Tony Herbert said Anh was a great student who was eager to perform well at school.

“It was clear very early in her time with us at the Canning College that she was a very capable student,” Mr Herbert said.

“She was enthusiastic to learn and it was clear from her early assessments and tests that she would benefit from moving into Year 11 without completing the Year 10 program. We had no doubt that she would perform very well in the Year 11 program and that was the case.

“Anh completed Year 11 and then studied the WA Universities’ Foundation Program, which was her pathway into Curtin University.”

Looking towards a successful future

The WA Universities’ Foundation Program is a popular choice for international students seeking entry into universities across Australia.

Aside from the excellent Western Australian universities, students can also use their WAUFP results to enter interstate institutions such as the University of Melbourne and the University of Sydney.

In Anh’s case, teachers recognised her ability and were able to ease her through her studies more quickly, meaning she saved time and money on her pathway to university.

Student fun on big day out

Students explored new – and some not so new – activities during our Student Experience Day in September.

Thanks to the support of StudyPerth, more than 100 students took part in four separate activities.

Students chose to attend Perth Zoo, Bounce activity centre, tenpin bowling or mini-golf.

It was a lot of fun, as you can see from the video. 

Cooking sessions have fun finish

Winners grinning after a fun end to cooking sessions

We wrapped up our term three cooking sessions with a fantastic MasterChef-style mystery box challenge with the assistance of Curtin University this week.  

Third-year Nutrition and Food Science students Aaron and Kim acted as the judges with more than 30 Canning College students attending the session.  

Students have refined their cooking skills during voluntary sessions that have been held throughout the term, including two sessions that were hosted by a current student and former chef, Renato, who is from Peru and Minn who is from Myanmar. 

This week’s food finale challenged groups of students to create their own recipes from vegetarian ingredients that were presented in a mystery box.  

Kim was surprised by the fantastic response of the Canning College students.  

“I have been so impressed with the students at Canning College,” he said. “I was not expecting this level of enthusiasm and creativity from these students.”  

The cooking sessions were organised by Head of Science Tony Herbert and Head of English Linda Angelone as part of the College’s student experience initiative.

Mr Herbert said he had been expecting around 12 students to attend the mystery box session and was delighted with the response.  

“It was great to see so many students want to take part in the challenge,” he said. “We had four competing groups of five or six students who put their creativity to the test.  

“Many of those who weren’t directly involved in the cooking, stayed to support their friends and to see the final results. It says a great deal about the friendships these students have built and their qualities as individuals.”  

Mr Herbert said Canning College’s success in assisting students in their transition into university studies was more than simply applying high academic standards in the classroom.  

“Engaging students in the process of teaching and learning is so important in achieving positive outcomes,” Mr Herbert said. “We want all our students to achieve the results they need to progress into the university and degree course of their choice.

“That requires students to work hard in the classroom and to make sure they are revising and studying throughout the year. But it is also important that they understand the need to balance work with enjoyment and relaxation.  

“Exams are coming up and students are understandably focused on studies but it’s so important that they also have time to engage in other activities.

“These cooking sessions allowed students to switch off from their academic work for a couple of hours a week, to learn new skills and to have fun. The response has been exceptional.”  

The regular cooking sessions gave students opportunities to learn about food preparation and the value of teamwork. It also resulted in delicious meals for students to enjoy each week.  

Students improved their cooking skills and applied them in the mystery box session with wonderful results.  

Dr Katya Clarke from Curtin University was supportive of further involvement in the Canning College program, including making the mystery box activity a regular event.  

Winners grinning after a fun end to cooking sessions

Recycling for charity

Students show how recycling raises money for charity.

What happens to the cans and bottles that are placed in Canning College recycling bins?

Our Student Ambassadors and Student Representative on the Board went to the local recycling centre with Deputy Principal Maria and Chemistry teacher Craig.

Watch the video to see how Scotty (Myanmar), Amalia (Malaysia), Matthew (Singapore) and Zyra (Myanmar) helped turn cans into cash for charity.

Students show how recycling raises money for charity.

International student leaders

International student leaders on board for 2022.

Cyber security, biomedical science, psychology and engineering are among the academic goals of Canning College’s 2022 international student leaders. But one of our student representatives is also on track to become a commercial helicopter pilot.

Three Student Ambassadors and a Student Representative on the Board make up the quartet of leaders, who are from three different countries.

Two WA Universities’ Foundation Program students, Scotty (Myanmar) and Amalia (Malaysia), are joined in ambassador roles by Singapore student Matthew, who is completing Year 11 Bridging.

The fourth position within the student leadership team is that of the Student Representative on the Board. Zyra, who is from Myanmar, started her duties earlier this term.

International student leaders on board for 2022.
Responsible international student leaders

While Zyra’s responsibilities directly involve providing student perspective at Board meetings, the Student Ambassadors will also help fellow students through facilitating events and activities.

Student Ambassadors will take the lead on Canning College visitor tours, assist in helping newcomers feel welcome and provide guidance and advice to other students.

Student leaders are expected to improve their communication and organisational skills and increase confidence through participation in activities.

Principal praise

Canning College Principal Maria Leslie said the students would be engaged in several activities that would encourage them to step out of their comfort zones.

“We want these students to feel a sense of importance about the roles,” Ms Leslie said. “Their involvement as student leaders will challenge them to tackle new activities, meet new people and generally broaden their experiences.

“They should also be seen by other students as people who can help find the answers to questions that may not be immediately obvious.

“We are delighted that these students have accepted the responsibility and we’re sure they will continue to grow as people as they also improve academically.”

Amalia’s studies taking off

Amalia is not yet sure whether she will immediately pursue an engineering degree after completing the WA Universities’ Foundation Program, or if she will take off in a different direction.

She likes the “the kind, multicultural and peaceful environment of Canning College,” and is also enjoying life outside of school as she trains to become a helicopter pilot.

“One of my most memorable moments in life so far was flying in a helicopter over some kangaroos that were just sitting around and chilling,” she said.

She also has other machine interests, which point towards an engineering career. She saw motorcycle legend Valentino Rossi let slip the Malaysian MotoGP when he fell in 2018, and was impressed by the roar of a Sukhoi Su-30 fighter aircraft at the Langkawi International Maritime Aerospace Exhibition in 2019.

Matthew’s mind on psychology

Matthew has settled quickly into life at Canning College and he will progress to the WA Universities’ Foundation Program next year before joining Murdoch University.

“After Canning College, I hope to pursue psychology as it has always been a passion of mine,” he said.

For now, he is enjoying the experience of studying at Canning College.

“Having had the desire to come here to study for a long while, finally being here makes me feel accomplished,” he said. “Coming here has already been a thrilling adventure.”

“I feel the College will enable me to reach my academic potential. What I like most about Canning College is that they have the friendliest and nicest teachers. Not only do the teachers have a sense of humour, but they also teach in a way that makes learning exciting.”

Cyber Scotty serious about gaming

Scotty has his sights set on a career in cyber security. From Yangon, Myanmar’s biggest city, he chose Canning College because the WA Universities’ Foundation Program offers a direct pathway into cyber security.

“Yangon has extremely friendly people and community,” he said. “Canning College campus feels like home.”

Scotty wants his interest in computers and gaming to develop into a career pathway.

“I want to be a cyber security analyst but also to turn my hobby of PC building and gaming into a business,” he said.

Zyra tuning up for biomedical science

Guitar-playing sports enthusiast Zyra is studying the WA Universities’ Foundation Program with the aim of enrolling in Biomedical Science at The University of Western Australia.

After Canning College was recommended by her agent, she conducted her own investigation before enrolling in WAUFP rather than the WA Certificate of Education.

“I feel like it would set me up for my path to university more than the WACE program,” she said of her decision to choose the Foundation Program. “Learning the English Language and Australian Cultural Studies (ELACS) subject also gives me an insight into Australia’s history.”

Already an accomplished guitarist, Zyra enjoys free time in the music room and is learning to play drums.

“I’m also interested in all kinds of sports and am willing to give it a try, even combat sport,” she said.

2022 news student leaders boardroom

Support services for international students

Carine, who is from Malaysia, was pleased with Canning College's support services for international students.

Support services for international students are incredibly important in helping them achieve their academic goals. Pursuing an education in a new country can be filled with lots of new learning opportunities and exciting experiences, but you’ll also likely be met with a few challenges and roadblocks. As you start your overseas study journey, it’s essential to know what support resources and services are available to you as an international student at your educational institution.

To help understand support services for international students at Canning College, we spoke to Carine Siew, who relocated from Malaysia to study Year 11 Secondary Studies and the WA Universities’ Foundation Program (WAUFP) at Canning College. After completing her secondary studies, Carine has moved on to pursue the Bachelor of Science (Environmental Science) at Curtin University.

Carine, who is from Malaysia, was pleased with Canning College's support services for international students.
Transition support

Coming to Australia for the first time to study felt daunting for Carine.

“I felt anxious when I arrived at the airport, not knowing anyone around me. Fortunately, in addition to the very helpful pre-departure pack, Canning College arranged for an airport pick up to drop me off at my accommodation,” Carine said.

During orientation week, the Canning College team assisted Carine with getting all the important aspects of studying and living in Australia organised. From selecting subjects and getting student/concession cards to opening a bank account – Canning ensured Carine had a smooth transition into her life in Perth. You can even seek the College’s support to find accommodation if you’re unsure about where to live during your studies.

“Their support made my life so much easier as an international student who knew nothing about living in Australia,” she said.

Study support

The Student Services centre at Canning College is the place to go to when you need any kind of assistance. Here, you can get support with day-to-day matters such as accommodation, academic issues, subject selection, guidance in tertiary entrance, visa/passport inquiries, and also receive pastoral care. Support services for international students are essential to the Canning College goal of preparing students on their pathway to universities.

“Student Services was where I ran whenever I felt lost or stressed due to my studies,” she said. “I could simply go to one of the Student Advisors at the office and talk to them. They guided me and were my greatest support system throughout my two years of study at Canning College,” Carine said.

Literacy support

Canning College also offers additional assistance with literacy and language development.

“Since my first language is not English, my goal was to improve my English language abilities so I could communicate well with people around me,” Carine said. “Thanks to Canning College and the Literacy Support Officer, my English speaking improved.”

English language is taught in creative ways to aid learning at Canning College.

“In addition to the English class, we get to learn the language by watching videos and movies and having discussions with our classmates. I really enjoyed studying English, thanks to Canning College,” Carine added.

Personalised learning environment

To help ensure you are able to meet specific career path goals and university requirements, a one-on-one interview with a Canning College Student Advisor can be held as part of the enrolment process, ensuring that your study is tailored to you and your career aspirations.

Since classes are smaller at Canning College, you’ll get to know teachers and other staff members well, which creates a supportive environment. You’ll find that your inquiries are dealt with quickly, you’ll be able to work more closely with teachers, and it’s easier to make friends.

Social and mental wellbeing support

As you focus on your studies, it is also important to maintain your social wellbeing. At Canning College, there are regular events and local trips for students to help create connections. Sometimes, the trips take students beyond Perth, allowing you to explore the wonders of the Western Australian region.

Carine shared, “Due to international border closures during the pandemic, [and] since most of us were unable to go back to our home countries, Canning College organised an overnight field trip to the Swan Valley.”

Students were able to take a break from their studies to enjoy the gorgeous scenery of Swan Valley.

At Canning College, there are also dedicated advisors available to help students with social, emotional, learning, and behavioural needs. If you ever feel like you need help with any aspects of your study and personal life, be sure to reach out to the School Psychologist, and remember: you are not alone in your academic journey!

Support for future goals

Beyond your studies at Canning College, you will find that the College serves as a fantastic springboard to tertiary education opportunities that can help meet your future career goals.

Carine admitted that her scores in science subjects such as biology, chemistry, and physics were quite low before she joined Canning College. That made her feel underprepared to pursue her aim to become a wildlife conservationist.

“It felt like it was just a dream and far from being a reality. However, thanks to the patience of the teachers at College, my scores and English language have improved…boosting my confidence to pursue environmental science at university,” Carine said.

Currently enrolled, she is intending to specialise in Wildlife Biology in her second year.

Canning College and the support services for international students have been a foundation for Carine to enter university to study the degree of her dreams so she can achieve her goal to be immersed in nature and conserve precious Australian fauna.

What are your goals for the future? Check out how Canning College can help you achieve them!

2022 05 news student services

Must do in Perth in 2022

If you are an international student planning on studying in Perth, you are in for a treat! The city is a great study destination with excellent quality of life, culture, and infrastructure. 

We had a chat with Carolyn Tan, a graduate of the Western Australian Universities’ Foundation Program (WAUFP) program at Canning College. The WAUFP was Carolyn’s pathway to university, and she is now studying a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism at Curtin University.

Originally from Labuan in East Malaysia, she has lived in Perth for almost three years now and has a lot of great suggestions for international students looking to explore the city and its surroundings. Her time at Canning College was especially beneficial in helping her adapt to her new home.

“Canning College offers many opportunities for international students to familiarise themselves with Western Australia by hosting many events that allow international students to gain a better understanding of Perth,” she shares.

2020 05 Carolyn London Court 1

We’ve put together a list of eight things international students must do in Perth in 2022.

1. Head to London Court in the city centre

London Court is a charming European style open-roofed shopping arcade located between Hay St Mall and St Georges Terrace.

Carolyn says, “It’s a very photogenic spot and makes for a great outing with friends, right in the heart of the city.”

Don’t forget to pop into the quaint shops to buy souvenirs or grab a coffee, and check out the cute clock towers with their unique chimes.

2. Visit the Blue Boat House in Crawley

Located near the University of Western Australia, this picturesque spot has earned the title of being the hottest selfie spot on Instagram. The 90-year-old blue boathouse, located at the end of a pier, is one of Perth’s iconic must-sees.

“The Blue Boat House is a unique attraction to check out in Perth, but it can get a bit windy so bring a windcheater,” Carolyn advises.

3. Check out the food scene in Perth

Perth is also a great city for food lovers. “If you’re looking to have a great time with friends at a place with good vibes, and to eat excellent food that comes in big portion sizes served by great staff, try Pancho’s Mexican Villa at Victoria Park,” Carolyn says.

For something a bit more fancy, head to Firewater Grille for a nice steak. The Meat & Wine Co is another fantastic high-end dining option.

4. Explore hidden gems in the city

It is always exciting to explore a city’s secret spots, and Carolyn’s top recommendation is the S&R Orchard.

“It’s really peaceful…you can enjoy fruit picking, the prettiest pictures around the orchard and even tractor rides. They’re open seasonally so you’ll have to keep an eye out for [events].”

5. Check out local events and exhibitions

Carolyn recommends following Perth is OK or Urban List Perth to stay up to date with the city’s events and happenings.

“Keep up with the updates from local clubs, societies and associations as they regularly host events, and this is a great way to make new friends. I used to go event hopping through these [student] clubs when I first came and that’s how I met a lot of my current friends,” Carolyn says.

There are lots of events popping up in Perth, such as the Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel exhibition in Fremantle and the multi-sensory Van Gogh Alive experience. So be sure to check them out while they last.

6. Explore Perth’s parks and walking trails

Perth’s metro and regional areas both offer scenic parks and walking trails for those who enjoy the outdoors. The parks are ideal for hosting a barbecue, riding a bike, and taking pleasure in the ample walking paths along the river. There are also many walking trails close to the city for those looking to get close to nature. 

“I would often head down to Mill Point Swan River with my friend and enjoy a picnic sitting on the bench while watching the ducks float in the water against the scenic city skyline. I can’t recommend this enough to other international students, especially after a busy week of assignments,” Carolyn says.

7. Explore outer city regions

Carolyn’s recommendation to international students is to not limit themselves to exploring just the city.

“Students should take the opportunity to go out of Perth city and visit the other wonders of Western Australia, such as Busselton, Margaret River, and the Pinnacles,” she says.

One of her fondest memories of her time at Canning College involves meeting a quokka – the happiest animal on earth!

“[Canning College] gave us a chance to visit Rottnest Island! Tickets to Rotto are usually very expensive, but they managed to get us very cheap tickets! I had a great time there with my mates,” she shares.

There are some great adventure sports you can do, too, like sandboarding at the Pinnacles, and outer regional areas make for a great camping trip with friends. And don’t forget to look up at the star-studded night sky!

8. Make new friends in Perth

It can be a bit frightening to make the transition from where you’ve come from, and you may not have a lot of friends or family when you first arrive. This might lead you to feel homesick. Carolyn’s advice is to not stay cooped up indoors.

“Push yourself to discover what Perth has to offer. You might end up having fun, making new friends, and a lot of wonderful memories.”

Starting her international student journey at Canning College was particularly helpful when it came to meeting new people.

“The friends I made [at Canning College] helped make it such a memorable year for me.”

Finally, Carolyn recommends international students seek a part-time job while studying. Not only will this be excellent for gaining work experience, but the money earned can help you explore all that Perth and its surroundings have to offer.

2020 News WAUFP Carolyn